Vintage is often seen as something old, but containing value. It’s primary definition though is “an exceptionally fine wine from the crop of a good year.” Our group identifies with both definitions. We see our lives as belonging to God. God is eternal but of the absolute highest value. God is in the process of mixing a diverse group of people together until his creation is transformed into something delightful and labeled as His. Like a fine wine, as you get to know our community, we trust you will appreciate our group more and more.

Faith is often seen as opposing reason. We reject this notion. Just as we have faith in the sun rising, confidence a good friend will show up to a dinner date, or trust that our insurance company will bail us out in times of need. We have experienced God as Faithful and True and we will continue to place our faith in Him. This is not a blind faith, but a Vintage Faith.

Community has many definitions. One thought is community is “people who live in a particular place or region and usually are linked by some common interests.” We are a church in the sense that the unity between people in our group is based on common values, beliefs, and practices. However, many of those values and belief are shared with so many worldwide. The difference between ‘C’hurch and community is we actually live close to each other, share life together, and work towards common goals. We feel that this type of community life is what should be thought about when someone says the word church but rarely is. Most of the time people think of a larger than life, impersonal organization, about scandal or a set of cold/dogmatic rules. We hope our community represents none of those things. If you are reading about us online for the first time, you don’t yet know Vintage Faith Community!

Come experience Vintage Faith Community as you get to know us!