We are affiliated with Great Commission Churches and share a statement of faith and core values  Here are a few of our beliefs and values paraphrased in our own words:
We believe there is a personal God who created us and wants to be directly involved with our lives.

We value family. This means we are kind to our biological and church family. We strive to involve our family in the work of God and enjoy life together under God’s rule.

God the Father, Jesus the Son, and God the Holy Spirit have been a family (community) from forever and will exist forever. Man was created by God to be in fellowship with the divine family but broke God’s rule (He sinned). Sin separates man from God and makes it so we are deserving of God’s punishment. If you are a parent or have ever been a child, you have experienced disobedience; we all sin.

God the Father, by His own choice and Love for sinful men and women, sent Jesus Christ into the world to reconcile sinners to Himself. By living a perfect life, Jesus was qualified to pay the penalty for all sin and open a door to bring us back to a right relationship with God. It is by God’s power and His Love in action for us (His Grace) that we can be in relationship with God as He intended.


Good works, going to church, trying the best we can are all positive things…but they don’t take away the guilt of sin. Only Jesus’ death can pay our debt to God; Jesus is the perfect gift God offers to each of us to pay the penalty we could never pay. God then declares all who place their faith in Christ righteous. When we have Jesus we have life for the first time. We are “born again”. The more we cultivate our relationship with God, the more we want to love what He loves and hate sin. Good works don’t save us, but they are an important evidence and statement to the lost world that God can save and change us to care about and serve others.

Jesus is also the active leader of our church. He told His followers to “Follow Him”, “Love God”, “Love One Another” and to “Go Make Disciples”

We are not exclusive. We believe this message is for the whole world and the invitation is open to all!

We didn’t believe much of the stuff listed above when I started seeking and I bet you don’t agree with all this now either. Building trust takes time. We hope you are patient enough to get to know us and pray God will lead us to real and regular community. We hope you will seek God with us until we are united in heart and mind.